Complaints Policy

If you want to make a complaint – whatever it is about – it’s best to talk with a member of our staff.

Complaints Policy

Please email us at or phone us on 0800 133 7127 and ask to speak to our complaints manager. 

If you are a registered user we will ask you to verify yourself using your 4 digit passcode that you use to log into our service.

If you are not a registered user please remember that our service doesn’t indicate that an account or firm is or is not safe, it merely provides information to aid a conveyancer acting on a purchase to manage the risks associated with conveyancing.

We are committed to providing products and services of the very highest standards. If you feel that we haven’t lived up to your expectations in any way, we’d like to know so we can put things right for you.

We’ll do all we can to resolve your complaint by the end of the next business day. If we can’t do this, we’ll write to you within five working days to tell you what we’ve done to resolve the problem, or acknowledge your complaint and let you know when you can expect a full response. We’ll also let you know the name and contact details of the person or team dealing with your case.

In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy you can ask our complaints manager to escalate this to our Managing Director.