Thirdfort ID Checker

When checking a client's ID, how do you know if they are real or fake? Thirdfort is an FCA regulated business that uses a mobile app to digitally confirm a client's identity.

Could you spot a fake ID?

Thirdfort ID checker performs a digital ID scan and facial recognition scan to ensure your client is who they say they are

ID checking and facial recognition
Experian PEPs, sanctions and address matching
Easy to use client mobile app
FCA regulated bank linking and data analysis

ID checking and facial recognition

We use best in class ID scanning, machine learning driven facial recognition and database searches to confirm a client's identity. We also connect directly to their bank to gather bank statement data.

Getting started with Thirdfort ID Checker

A Thirdfort ID check is initiated by a lawyer via our website. Each of your clients is then invited to provide evidence of their ID via a mobile app, taking around 3 minutes to complete.


"Since using Thirdfort via Lawyer Checker for checking clients’ ID, we have had to spend much less time checking through ID documents and working out if they’re satisfactory or not. The Thirdfort system is much less time consuming and you can rely on its reports, confident that they will provide the compliance you need and also tell you about PEP too which can be a headache to work out! Clients are usually IT savvy enough to cope and if they’re not, Thirdfort provide invaluable help and guidance to them"