Dye & Durham brings together the teams at Terrafirma, Lawyer Checker & Future Climate Info to provide data clarity and expert insight for conveyancers.

Dye & Durham has further strengthened their commitment to improving the way property and conveyancing risk is reported on, by consolidating the expertise and experience at Terrafirma, Lawyer Checker and Future Climate Info (FCI) into one central Insight & Data Team.

In bringing together these leading experts in fraud prevention and environmental, climate change and ground hazard reporting, Dye & Durham can now offer conveyancers one stop access to the most up-to-date, clear information to protect against risk and enable clients to make informed buying decisions.

Tom Durbin St George, Managing Director, Dye & Durham UK&I explains: “Data and more importantly, the clarity of that data, is essential in any property transaction. We have combined the foresight of Terrafirma, the data expertise of Future Climate Info, and the operational understanding of Lawyer Checker into a team that is focussed on delivering that clarity to property professionals. United we bring a deeper understanding of property, ground, and operational risks than ever before, turning information into actionable outcomes and knowledge they can trust”

Tom Backhouse, Director, Dye & Durham, Insight & Data added “We constantly consider how risk is evolving. New risks bring with them the need for new mitigation and due diligence processes; we analyse the impact on the conveyancing process and find solutions to present this information clearly to the end client.  Our best-in-class data, risk analysis, expert interpretation and ground-breaking products now allow our customers to make informed decisions without needing to be risk specialists themselves.

“Over the past decade Terrafirma, FCI and Lawyer Checker have all individually brought their unique approach to risk reporting to the conveyancing process. By bringing that expertise together, Dye & Durham is ideally placed to help property professionals mitigate risk, support due diligence processes and keep homebuyers informed during every step of their conveyancing journey.”

For further information please see: https://dyedurhamuk.com/about-us