Account & Entity Screen

Account & Entity Screen provides you with enhanced risk management, in transmission of funds, by checking the account details of a solicitor you are sending funds to against our unique database.

SRA Risk Outlook 2017/18

"...consider using systems such as any of the firms that offer lawyer checking services as befits the law firm's particular circumstances to verify that what is described as the contact or bank information for a third party law firm is genuine."

10+ Database Checks
Instant Result
Case Management Integration
Comprehensive Further Research

10+ Database Checks

We check over 10 different conveyancing related databases to highlight any red flags commonly associated with fraudulent activity.

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Account & Entity Screen is a search performed online via our website or through one our partnered Search Providers. To get started simply sign-up via the 'Register' link below or if you'd like further information why not request a product demo from one of our consultants.